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Gretchen Joy Gabrielson


-Furman University
• Majoring in Communication’s Studies
• Dean’s List (Spring 2013)
• Have maintained high academic performance and integrity throughout my academic career
• Greenville, SC

-Winnacunnet High School
• Served as Student Body President
• Served as team captain for two varsity sports
• Hampton, NH

-Camp Counselor
• Worked from 2011-2013 with girls from 14-16 years old at Camp Brookwoods and Deer Run in Alton NH
• Worked for different members of my local community in New Hampshire by taking care of their children
-Resident Advisor (2012-2013)
• Greek RA: Helped to make my pledge class cohesive, worked solving roommate conflicts and acted as a peer mentor
• Apartment RA: Assisted with apartment visits, roommate conflicts, overall wellbeing of Furman University Upperclassmen
• RA of the Year (2013)
• Wayne King Award for Distinguished Achievement (2013)

-Senior Class President
• Innovating the Senior Class Gift for the Class of 2015
• Planning events for the Senior Class to raise money for the Senior Class Gift
-Junior Class President
• Planning the Annual Junior Senior Dance for upperclassmen
• Student Liaison for Furman University

-Delta Delta Delta
• Recruitment Round Chair: helped plan an individual round for sorority recruitment
• Focus on philanthropy with St. Jude Research Hospital and the local Frazee Dream Center

-Orientation Staff
• A member of the fall orientation team in which the team orients new students to Furman University the week before classes begin
-Homecoming Court
• Represented my peers of the class of 2015
– Division One Track and Field Thrower
• Recruited to throw Discus, Shot Put, Javelin, Weight, Hammer for the Women’s Track and Field Team
• A group based off of faith and encouraging yourself in the midst of one’s college career

-Proficient in Public Speaking
-Proficient in Latin
-Adobe Photoshop
-Premiere Elements
-Garage Band

High School Experience Involvement:
Committees: Student Government: Sophomore Class Vice President (2008), Junior Class Vice President (2009), Student Body President ( 2011):(Student Government 3 years), Poetry Out Loud Finalist (2008: 9th Grade), Poetry Out Loud Finalist (2009: 10th grade), Winnacore: Honor Society for Exceptional service (2010), Quill and Scroll: National Honor Society for Journalists (2010-2011), Prom Committee, Winnachronicle (High School Newspaper): columnist (2008-2011), Fellowship of Christian Athletes: Student Leader ( 2007-2008) Assistant Principal interviewing committee: I helped interviewing possible candidates for a the position of Assistant Principal at Winnacunnet High School (2010), National Latin Exam (2008-2011), Refined University Fellowship (2011-2012).

Community Service: Lara Bunce Memorial Walk (2008), Breast Cancer Walk (2008) John McCain Campaign (2008), Warriors to Be: Field Hockey pick-up games to help beginning players with their game (2007-2009), Student Leader Bethany Church: Supporting young adults in their walk with Jesus Christ (2008-2011), Sunday School Teacher: 1st – 6th grade (2009-2011), Friends of Winnacunnet Track and Field Liaison (2009-2010), Collection of Pennies for victims of the Haiti crisis: with the help of Student Government (2010), Student Liaison to improve cell phone policy at Winnacunnet High School, (2009-2010) Winnacunnet High School Announcements Director(2009-2011).

Sports: European Field Hockey Trip: I traveled to Ireland, Italy, France, Switzerland and Austria competing against different club teams (2008), European Field Hockey Trip Captain (2008), freshman/ JV/ V Field Hockey (2007), JV/V Field Hockey (2008), JV/V Field Hockey (2009), Indoor Track (2008-2011), Varsity Letter in Indoor Track (2009-2011), Varsity Spring Track (2008-2011), Varsity Letter (2009-2011), Rookie of the Year: Spring Track (2008), JV Field Hockey Captain (2008, 2009), JV Steady Stick: Sportsmanship and Steady Play Award (2008), JV Tournament Most Valuable Player (2008), Indoor Track Most Improved (2009), Spring Track Most Improved (2009), JV Field Hockey Most Outstanding Performer (2009), Spaulding Invitational’s Most Outstanding Thrower (2010), Pat Polletta Memorial Award: for exceptional Community Service, Leadership and Athletic Achievement (2010), Winter Track Captain (2011), Spring Track Captain (2011), Indoor Track Unsung Hero (2011), Outdoor Track MVP (2011), thrower for the Paladins: Track and Field (2011-2012).

Miscellaneous: Rotary’s Four Way Test Competition Winner (2009), HOBY: Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership (2009), Student Leader Bethany Church: Supporting young adults in their walk with Jesus Christ (2008-2011), Sunday School Teacher: 1st – 6th grade (2009-2011), Prom Queen (2010), eight week intensive Leadership Development Program: consisting of a six day hike, including a twenty-four hour solo and a nine day canoe trip.

The power of the WEB

THE WEB HAS POWER. Yes it is truly. It is truly changing us and thereby changing our society. Thinking back to the very first article we read, the internet has changed the way we think and learn thereby changing the way in which society takes in information. In a generation of scanning texts and looking for the most important information, we have been trained by the web thereby then training us how to use the web and then in turn how to make and create sites.

Effective print has a clear and concise science to it. The main point to take from a successful website is to be clear and concise and not to over indulge the reader with unnecessary information. Furthermore, it is important to assist in the direction we are pursing in technology.

The power of the Audience

No single person interprets the same thing in the same way. We each see things so differently and do not truly understand how another views a certain perspective. Therefore, it is important to think about that when creating web content. It is important to create with the audience in mind because these individuals will be the deciding factor on how successful an individual is. Therefore, it is important to do some research and figure out information in an attempt to truly understand who you are providing content for.

In my case my website has a focus on allowing the audience to get a better understanding of who I am and my passions and aspirations and how I got there. This allows me to connect with people looking for certain qualities and characteristics I possess. Therefore there will be a definite push on my website to get people out on the web to know me and some of the things I am passionate about!

In this article there is a major focus on getting to know the audience and in turn getting the audience to know you creating a type of cyber relationship that provides a unique way for people to get to know each other over the web without even meeting. This concept is interesting to me because it demonstrates a form of innovative communication that has limitless power.

Discussion Questions:

1. Is a relationship built through a website considered a real one?
2. How does an audience determine success?

the vital role of the USER

We learn quickly that it is truly the user that provides the success of the product at hand. Due to the satisfaction of simple everyday pleasure such as cars, coaches, pencils, straws and other types of mechanisms that have been innovated and thereby proven worthy by those who use them, these products stay around to experience success.

This is no different than what we find on the internet, with the use of websites. It is truly the user that has decides the fate of the site and truly decides what stays and what gets the cut as far as website innovation. Jesse James Garrett depicts this through his work entitled The Elements of User Experience .

Websites, as depicted, can be a challenge especially when one is trying to digitally express oneself through digital technology. With the discussion of concepts such as user generated design as well as fully comprehending how to have successful and overall appealing site.

Chapter two begins with the concept of the Five Planes including the Surface, Skeleton, Structure, Scope and Strategy Plane, all of which are building block concepts. Each place is strategy put together to depict this type of image:

As one works through each of the planes you gain a stronger innovative plan for your site. It is truly best to complete the planning for one plane before one begins another. In the user experience however one also has this sense of duality, meaning a product as function and a product as informational that divides each plane in half as depicted above. This adds more meaning a strength for the full innovative effect.

This organization is truly important and will provide a successful innovative and thoroughly thought out site which will help the strategist as he/she works through creating a successful site.

Discussion Questions:
1. Is there a plane that is more important than another? Why or Why not?
2. Does successful completion of one plane help the innovative progress or can the creator jump from plane to plane?

Garrett, Jesse James. The Elements of User Experience: User-centered Design for the Web and beyond. Berkeley, CA: New Riders, 2011. Print.

student orgs and their benefits continued

As I continue on my quest to investigate Student Orgs I really want to show those around me the benefits of finding involvement in different organizations.

My argument is built around the concept that student orgs benefits the development and the whole person of a student. With interviews between students and student org directors in sorority and fraternities as well as o-staff, housing and res life, RLC, FUSAB, SGA, Diversity Council and other orgs on campus. My goal is to get a vast group of students and the benefits they have found in student orgs.

My beginning with be walking into the Trone Center and headed to the student orgs common room. From there I will use a montage of cuts as well as shots and interviews of meetings and events held by student orgs. My conclusion will be that student orgs is a major benefit to the individual as well as large scale.